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As a mechanical engineer this ineptitude pains me.…

I remember the rush all the government was in to ban smoking when I was in high school and I had cigarette companies giving me free packs of smokes through marketing reps planted at music venues.

No, wait. They weren't. >.>

I always knew Cuomo was a joke, but holy shit.

Congratulations on jumping the gun and you WILL be making the problem that much worse.

Snowfalls soundtrack is pretty dope 👌👌

YouTube: The Egyptian Lover - Egypt, Egypt (victornewman06)

Hahah Did Snowfall really pull the Hedgehogs dilemma out?

Yup. Nothing bad about it. I just will never NOT think about Evangelion in regards to that

I would not care as much about remakes of movies coming out if people were doing things on the level of The Fly.

That is an AMAZING remake of an older movie that stands up on its own.

None of the remakes that come out these days are like that. They are just empty retellings

As they should be. What could a remake possibly add to the flick?

Just remaster it and re-release it in theaters


Josh Bray Friendica
Normal people: Time to watch the new season of "insert new show here"!

Me: Time to watch The Wire for the 5th time...

Josh Bray Friendica
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